"I Love the Trumpet"

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From beginner to advanced Lessons, to a History of the Jazz Trumpet, Warren Vaché renowned jazz trumpeter, and charter member of the Juilliard School Program for Jazz Studies, walks you through everything you need to know about the trumpet.


  • 4 hours of video content and a 28 page booklet
  • Lessons in Breathing, Fingering, Embouchure, Tonguing, and Improvisation for the beginner and intermediate, plus an advanced lesson.
  • Interviews with the featured students.
  • A Recording Session with Mr. Vaché's band where a section is left open for the viewer to solo with the accompaniment. Notation for suggested solos is scrolled across the screen and can be set to several levels of difficult. Mr. Vaché's solos are transcribed and scrolled across the screen as he plays them. Interviews with the recording engineer and the musicians are also included.
  • A history of the Jazz trumpet by Mr. Vaché with musical examples.
  • A visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art's music instrument department featuring a discussion with the associate curator, tracing the development of the trumpet throughout history.
  • A tour of the Yamaha Brass instrument facility in Grand Rapids Michigan. See an instrument built from the valve casing to plating and shipping.
  • A trip to Dillon Music a legendary brass instrument store in New Jersey, that includes a visit to their repair shop and an interview with their mouthpiece designer.
  • Interviews with Classical and Latin music trumpet players, Mark Gould and Ray Vega.
  • A "How To" on proper care and cleaning of the trumpet.
  • Mr. Vaché discusses mutes, mouthpieces, and method books.
  • Includes sheet music that can be printed out on a PC, including all parts (trumpet, piano,guitar,bass and drums ) for the songs in the recording session. Mr. Vaché's solos can also be printed out.
  • The lessons are in English, Spanish, Japanese,French and Chinese.

This review appeared in the December, 2004 issue of Downbeat Magazine in the toolshed section.

 Produced by John Snyder

Executive Producer: Paul Maslansky

©2003 Paul Maslansky, John Snyder, Warren Vaché

 This project was made possible by grants from Paul Maslansky, The Norman and Rosita Winston Foundation, and the Herb Alpert Foundation.