I am currently designing a cornet with Steve Dillon and Fred Harvey.
 I have had little luck finding a manufacturer willing to make a cornet designed for jazz and all around playing rather than one specifically designed for the Brass Band.
Fred, Steve and I are currently developing a prototype instrument which we hope to have in a month or so. This instrument will be equally at home in Jazz and Commercial settings as it is in a Brass Band.
As anyone who travels will tell you, getting your instument on the plane is becoming more and more difficult in this age of security inspired restrictions. Our Cornet will feature a detachable bell, facilitating travel.dscf4567.jpgdscf4571.jpgdscf4585.jpg
Steve Dillon, Fred Harvey and I are still working on the cornet. We'd like to know what you think of our concept, and what features you would like to see incorporated in the design. I'm preparing a questionaire for this space, and would appreciate it very much if you would check back, fill it in, and let us know your thoughts.